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Reviews and Testimonials

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Verbatim text to me from Eric and Christina of Louisiana:  "Thank you so much for everything, you are truly amazing!  Today was perfect."

Verbatim text to me from Patty (and Stella):  "Everything (and everyone) was great. : )"

Email from Amanda (and Chelsea):  " The vows are perfect. Now about the script we would like to only go with the first poem and leave out the second one. Other that the script it great. I really wanna thank you for really caring not many people will, makes our day even more special to us."

From Beverly and Bretagne of Roanoke, TX:  "Thank you again for marrying us Celeste. The ceremony was wonderful."

From Ronda and Dustin (they included photos, sand, Native American blanket ritual, the whole shebang--written after they received their digital photo DVD):  "...thank you so very much for everything. Dustin called me here at work just a bit ago and everything is GREAT!"

From Martin & Jeremy (for a White Sands wedding):  "We received your e-mail with the ceremony scripts and we're very impressed! The one you tailored for us is almost exactly what we were looking for."

This Santa Fe couple actually made it a point to meet with me afterwards to show me the Wedding Photo Album they put together with the photos we took for them.  Being atheists they decided to have me only use their first initials of H & A, but here is what they wrote as we were working out the wording of their script:  "...please no references to God, etc.  We do accept the notion of "blessedness", so a gentle blessing is fine. 
Thank you so much for your time- as well as your sensitivity to our desires. It is greatly appreciated!"

From Randy & Kevin, who had a Native American blanket ritual and booked us for photos, too:  "I did speak with my partner Kevin and I guess my enthusiasm of having you officiate our wedding caught fire!  I also looked up the Blackstone and yes you were right the place is perfect!  Send me info on different sites and even some of the additional ceremonies you offer we will certainly look them over.  You definitely made an impression on me this morning and I'm sure you will with Kevin, he is a wonderful,caring man and I truly feel blessed to have him in my life."

From Faye & JoAnn (who treated me to the first ever T or C 2-day Artisanal Tour while they were here from Austin, TX): 

"Wow Celeste,

Now that I have finished reading this beautifully written ceremony I would like to point out a few things.

Your words as so insightful and filled with so much joy and truth. Your gift of expressive language has allowed you to capture exactly who we are and what we treasure in this life.

Please do not change a single word, this is perfect. No need to add words from either of us during ceremony. Everything that should be said will be said during this wonderful day. Thank you
Faye & JoAnn"

I've continued to correspond with this couple and here is an email from almost a year later:

"Hi Celeste

So nice to hear from you, what a delightful treat! We are doing well and think of you often.  I have shared many stories about our time in T or C including the tour, art walk and the springs. I was in pure bliss when we were at Old Monticello Organic farm sitting on the porch, sampling tiny bits of heaven all the while cool, crisp wind blowing all around. I do hope you are able to visit this farm again, such a lovely place such interesting people tucked away in the hills of N.M.

Our entire visit provided us with “lagniappe”, a little something unexpected. I tried to be less controlling and consent to others helping me, thanks to you. I have always tried to trust people to do their best and everyone did. The flowers were lovely, the cake precious, the hotel beautiful and the daily spa treatments heavenly. Our ribbon ceremony was charming and tender; the people of T or C were kind, caring, generous and accepting.  Who could want more out of life?

Routine has settled in our lives and we continue doing what we do.  I am in the process of planning a quick trip for our 31:1 anniversary, together 31 years, married 1 year. There is a nice little spot outside of Austin that I might reserve for a long weekend. Anyway I will make our time meaningful as our marriage is truly special and to be celebrated.

Celeste, I hope all of your days are all Monticello days; filled with cool, crisp winds, decadent food and people that love to share what they love most.

Enjoy the journey and take time to get lost now and again because you never know what is waiting to be discovered.

Faye & JoAnn"

"Hi Celeste, the wedding vows are beautiful, this is really great!  It was very nice of you to include Kevin's parents and Justin into the ceremony and the additional Choctaw poem was great. 

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