"Ceremonies in Nature" since 2002, offering superior service at a fair price to all throughout New Mexico and the Central Coast of California (Santa Cruz, San Luis Obispo, Santa Barbara, and Monterey Counties including Big Sur) plus San Diego County.

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Texted to my phone right after the ceremony by the couple shown in the top right template photo:  "Everything (and everyone) was great : )"   This same-sex Texas couple included a 6-sand ritual, photography services and I provided the two required witness as well as an associate Officiant who read the words I had written after much practicing out loud.  I had notified the couple right up front that I would not personally be available for the ceremony but all communication and prep work prior to the ceremony day would be done by me; they were fine with that and it was written right into their contract.  We even had an in-person on-location meetup a couple of months prior to their wedding where they got to meet me, the photographer and the Officiant for THEIR wedding ceremony.  I was so pleased they were completely satisfied with everything (and everyone) I had set up for them!  I later got a thank you card which one of these days I'll scan in and insert here.   : )
About my fees:
Since I quote each ceremony based on the culmination of many distinct pieces of info, including how complex your ceremony script will be, travel time & expenses, time and expense for any included optional rituals, whether or not you desire to book our digital photography services and whether you need for me to provide one or both of the two required witnesses, it's hard to give hard and fast fees on a website.  That being said, the range of my fees since officiating my first wedding on a beach in San Simeon, CA way back in 2002 has been from $100-$1,200 total including everything.  Obviously, the $1,000 wedding required travel and included just about every option you could imagine!  (In fact, the MoB tipped me $100 a gave me a very nice crystal dolphin from her gift shop.)  Typically a ceremony with a 6-10 sand ritual AND digital photography services will run in the neighborhood of $500 not counting any travel expenses, much less than you might pay for photographic services alone!  I'll be right up front with you and tell you that part of that process (of coming up with the fee) is to think about how many hours total I expect to have invested in the ceremony, including phone conversations and email, writing the script, making any changes to get it to the point where it's just what you want, measuring the vase and figuring out how much of each sand color to pour based on the vase size and shape, pouring the sands into their small containers, packing everything up into boxes, loading and unloading (then reloading) the van, setting up my table, tablecloth, podium, sands, seashells, working with the photographer pre-ceremony for best angles and lighting etc etc--and that's all BEFORE I actually officiate your ceremony!  Then, based on my best guestimate after hundreds of ceremonies of all types and my dozen+ years of experience, I try to quote at $40 per hour (not counting travel time/expenses).  While some of you might consider that to be high, just think about how much per hour you pay for a good plumber or accountant!  Surely your wedding ceremony is as important as that!  : )   As far as travel expenses go, I've found that 50 cents per mile typically covers both the actual gas and a nominal hourly rate for travel (usually that is covering TWO people).  If I deem an overnight stay to be necessary, I will add on $80-150 for the cost of a decent room (including tax) and an inexpensive meal depending on the going rate for hotels for that particular area.  This, of course, can vary widely by season as well. All quotes are provided free of charge, so my best recommendation is to have a phone conversation with me to get a better feel for whether you think I am the right person for YOU and then I'll get you a written quote.  In most cases, I do provide you with a written contract for the protection and benefit of all parties.  It amazes me how many people will book for wedding services for weeks or months down the road with nothing in writing and no money exchanging hands to lock in the services as quoted, then end up calling around at the last minute in a panic because the vendor flaked out on them (perhaps for a higher paying gig?)!  I hope you find this info to be of assistance, but again, I do suggest you contact me for more precise info re YOUR circumstances.  : )
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